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Pushchairs for babies and toddlers

Presenting Red Dot 21 pushchairs for babies and toddlers with good design and best equipment to help make your everyday life easier! You will also learn about the differences in the various transportation options for children, and what to look for when buying these. With this beautifully designed pushchair for your little one, you can enjoy your walks, go shopping and visit friends.

On the move with the pushchair

If you use the pushchair as part of your daily routine, it is essential that you can move around flexibly, and that your little one feels comfortable in it. Whether you’re off on the next shopping spree, making purchases or jogging in the park, the pushchair allows you to not just have the baby with you, but continue to stay active as well. The child can just lie down in the rollable bassinet and sleep peacefully, or sit in it watching the world around. And in the meantime the parent has taken care of all sorts of things. A comfortable couching and sleeping place for a child is indispensable when you are on the move. In case you need to travel by car, many of these transportation facilities for children are easy to carry because they fold effortlessly and can be stowed in the car boot.

Different pushchair models with great comfort

Many manufacturers and designers are committed to improving the comfort of pushchairs, and are bringing many models in the market with different equipment. After all, great importance is being attached to the design as the pushchair has become a fashionable accessory for parents by now. The pushchairs come in different models:

Classic pushchair with reclining surface

A typical, classic pushchair is particularly suitable for new borns and is a safe and equally comfortable means of transport. Usually this model is equipped with four wheels and has quite high sides that connect to the lying space. The reclining surface is flat and usually sits firmly on the carrier. In some models, the lying surface can be removed and used as a carrycot by the parents.

Practical buggy for a sitting child

A buggy should only be used, if the child can sit upright and hold its head independently. The sport-pushchair has the advantage that it can be folded in order to save space, and is light-weight. Its lightness has an additional positive effect on the manoeuvrability, which works well with the front wheels that are already flexible. The wheels of the buggy are smaller than those on a classic pushchair, which makes it better suited for paved roads and shorter distances. For instance, when you go shopping, because the buggies are usually equipped with a spacious basket.

Utility pushchair – The all-rounder

A utility pushchair has the advantage that it is suitable for infants as well as for children up to the age of about three and a half years. The base frame can be used with various attachments for the children of different age groups. During the first few months after the baby’s birth, an infant carrier or bassinet, or a soft carrycot make for a comfortable and horizontal reclining surface. As soon as the child starts sitting independently, the so-called pushchair seat trades places with the bassinet. The infant carrier is stable and spacious, whereas the soft carrycot is handy and light.

Tricycle pushchair

This is particularly suitable for parents who work out and who occasionally tread uneven roads, e.g. forest trails. Equipped with three large, air-cushioned wheels, these pushchairs push their way very well. They are particularly light weight and are usually equipped with an adjustable backrest, a folding top and footrests.

Double pushchair

The so-called double pushchair, meant for twins, comes in various designs. It can be used for two children who are almost the same age or even an infant and a child. Either the little ones are sitting next to each other or one behind the other. The ‘one behind the other’ arrangement allows you to carry both, a new born, who is lying down, as well as a child that can sit upright. The models usually come equipped with very large compartments or cribs, which allow you a lot of space to store your things.

The perfect child transportation to meet parents’ needs

Depending on what activities you use the child carrier most often for, the significant differences between all models are reflected even in their prices. When you are carrying your child to the paediatrician, or if you are out shopping or on a walk in the city, it is necessary for the pushchair to be flexible and lightweight; after all, you may be required to effortlessly manage the stairs! Small, swivel wheels are ideal and leave plenty of room as you walk through the narrow aisles of the shops. If you need to keep a hand free, a handlebar is indispensable as it allows you to push with just one hand. Stable and large wheels are suitable when you are out in the countryside and nature, as they absorb the shocks on rough terrain. An adjustable waterproof cover is a wise provision, so that you are not in for a surprise if it rains! Those who travel more by car and only travel shorter distances are well off with a model that offers one-hand mechanism in order to be able to fold it quickly and easily, so that it fits easily into the boot. Choose a lightweight and space-saving model that aids in leaving plenty of room for other things in the boot.

Various equipment for the best comfort and safety

When it comes to choosing the appropriate baby/child transportation, the safety, health, comfort and parental needs are of first and foremost importance. Therefore, it is especially important to give a thought in advance to what you should look for when buying one.

1. Reclining surface: Infants sleep a lot, especially in the initial weeks and months. Sleep is important for their development. Therefore, you should primarily make sure that the selected model provides a pleasant sleeping environment, e.g. by means of a horizontal reclining surface, which provides ample space.

2. Wheels: Wheels are a key feature and determine the ride-comfort, since: it makes a difference whether you mainly ride on paved, asphalted roads or on uneven roads. The air-filled tires roll smoothly and at the same time protect the spinal cord of the child. Air chamber wheels are particularly sturdy as there are small air chambers inside it that contain foamed plastic. Thus, the cushioning properties are kept intact without letting any air escape.

3. Weight: The weight and the resulting stability also play a crucial role. If you often need to load the pushchair into the car, flexibility plays a key role in making it easy to fold up and transport.

4. Slide and swivel handle: Since pushing can be very strenuous, we recommend a height-adjustable slide, e.g. a telescopic handle, which can be adjusted in length and height. Alternatively, there is a handle slider, which can be switched by push buttons. Maybe not quite as important, but the swivel handle is a fine feature that allows you to reverse to the opposite side of the pushchair, so that the viewing direction for the child can be changed over time.

5. Parking brakes: The parking brakes are locked on the rear wheels and should be TüV-certified (Technical Supervisory Association). In the sport pushchair, you need to pay attention to an additional handbrake on the slider, which is operated like a bicycle brake and blocks the front tires.

6. Additional features: As your child grows and can be carried while sitting, a safety harness will be required. It’s best to have a cushioned five-point harness, where the harness is strapped around the shoulders, hips, and between the legs.

No matter what choice you make, you are sure to find a model from the immense variety of designs that suits your needs. Different fabric covers with a variety of patterns, flowers or kiddy prints, which are normally washable, give the pushchair a beautiful appearance. It has served as a fashion accessory for young parents since a long time and has become a true status symbol. Equipped with intelligent technology and water-repellent materials, these pushchairs make for a shining example of innovations in product design.

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