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Modern baby equipment for your baby just after its birth

We present to you baby products such as clothes, baby care products, kitchen utensils and accessories in this category of Red Dot 21. Procuring the requirements for the first baby is a particular pleasure for parents-to-be. As the range of baby products is very large in specialist trade outlets, we would like to present to you an initial online orientation with regard to which products are suitable for your baby.

Colourful clothes for the first baby

Clothing is amongst the most important purchases that is made for the new-born. They include rompers, pants, socks, caps and jackets. Fashionable items for the baby in cheerful colours and with playful images make every parent’s heart beat faster. Baby clothes made of cotton and wool protect the baby’s tender skin and are also pleasant for the parents when they cuddle the baby. In the cold winter months, warm overalls are also a must in the cupboard. When the baby tries to begin to crawl around, baby socks and shoes protect the baby’s feet. As babies grow quickly, it is recommended to purchase the first clothes for the baby in sizes 56 to 62 and later, to further procure more and more pieces that fit it, as time goes by and the baby grows. In the case of all kinds of textiles, it is important to place a lot of importance on skin and environment-friendly products made of ecologically-friendly materials so that harmful substances are not present in them and thus, allergic reactions are avoided.

Cleverly designed solutions for healthy food for your child

Healthy food is of particular importance for parents. That is what continues to engage them during and after the baby is breast fed. In the first few months, the baby is healthy thanks to its mother’s milk and it is taken care of in an uncomplicated way. In the months while the baby is being breast fed, a breast pump allows the mother to bridge even longer periods, for example, while travelling or when she has started working once again. The bottles, which are used for this, are made of plastic or glass and can be cleaned by means of bottle brushes and disinfected with sterilisers. With these, even dummies can be cleaned quickly. A drainer for the baby bottles is also a simple and hygienic accessory in the kitchen. When the child has already begun to get solid food or has stopped being breast fed, many parents turn to ecologically-grown foods in order to be able to make the baby’s food themselves. In order to make cooking baby food easier and to keep it separate from the foods meant for the adults, leading manufacturers are offering baby food preparing appliances, which combine steam cookers with hand blenders and which then prepare the baby’s food in a gentle way.

Care products for the baby’s comfort

For the care of the baby, too, manufacturers and designers satisfy you with their well though-out solutions. These also contribute to the well-being of both the baby and its parents. Nappy changing tables, nappy units and nappy changing-bathing combinations made of painted or untreated wood, are available in several models with open or closed compartments. Wall-mounted nappy changing tables, which can be folded up, are particularly suited to apartments or bathrooms, which are small in size. Useful nappy bins are a good solution for the disposal of used nappies. When the baby is getting its first baths, bathing buckets or baby bathtubs allow the baby to feel snug and safe. Bathing seats for the baby bathtub give the baby additional support. Special height-adjustable stands and bases make it possible for parents to bathe their child without getting a backache.

Baby slings, wraps and bags made of cotton for more mobility

Practical baby slings and baby-carrying aids are a good supplement to your pram and should be part of every baby’s items because of their advantages. As the baby can be carried in contact with your body for longer periods of time, the closeness to the mother or father is there and the child feels particularly safe. In addition, the parents have more freedom of movement because both their hands are free to do other things, for example, to hold on to the other brother or sister, or even to carry their shopping. Large wraps made of cotton are real all-rounders, they can be used in many ways, for example as a sling for the baby, a swaddle cloth, protection while breast feeding, a comfort blanket or even for protection against the sun. A changing bag or a changing rucksack must be part of the baby’s items too, so that you are well prepared for an afternoon with friends or when you go for a walk. This is because you can use this to feed or change its nappy. Depending upon what is required to be placed in this, you can include replacement nappies, toys and milk bottles and food. Modern changing bags from renowned manufacturers appeal to even the most fashion-conscious parents through their elegant designs and high-quality materials of construction

Thanks to the latest technology, the baby is always in view

In order to be able to monitor the baby even while it is sleeping in another room, audio baby monitors can be used. Through these, you can react quickly to the requirements of your child. In order to do so, the latest monitors are fitted with a microphone and a camera for viewing during the day or at night. The images and the sounds that your child makes are transferred live to a receiving device or to your smartphone. These products should have a battery life of six to ten hours and a range of between 150 to 300 metres. So that the baby monitor cannot be bugged by other people and only a connection is created between the transmitter and the receiver, only devices which comply with the DECT standard should be used. As these devices emit high-frequency, pulsed microwaves, you must ensure, at the time of the purchase that the devices only transmit when required. In addition, additional functions such as an eco-mode, which adjusts the transmission strength dynamically, is quite sensible. Now that we have provided you with an initial orientation, you can find first-class products in the excellent online offerings at Red Dot 21. You can order many products directly online via our partner link.