Children’s room

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Award-winning designer furniture for children’s rooms

Red Dot 21 presents products for attractive children’s rooms such as baby, children’s and teenage furniture, children’s beds and tables, as well as well-designed accessories. Their outstanding design raises them a cut above comparable children’s room furniture. They achieve a clever combination of high formal quality and functionality. In this category, we would like to help you choose from a range of stylish products to furnish your children’s room, which will be an important place in the home for your offspring from when they are newborns through childhood and into their teenage years. In furniture shops or specialised online shops, it is worth taking a closer look at new furniture such as tables, wardrobes, sofas and lamps for children and teenagers. They are meant to satisfy the needs of children so that their rooms can be used as an ideal bedroom, study, living area or playroom. Manufacturers are aware of these requirements and offer the full range of furniture for children’s rooms with a uniform design. They include a bed or sofa bed, wardrobe and desk. But they also offer the option of assembling all the various items of furniture individually. That makes it easier to continue using children’s furniture when you move house.

Modern children’s room thanks to individual furniture

The great advantage of new children’s room is that the chosen furnishings can be adapted to the rapid development of the child from baby to teenager in the best possible way. Toddlers just need a combination of bed, changing table and chest of drawers as basic equipment. These furnishings can be expanded or replaced by other furniture, accessories and decorative items. By doing so, the room adapts to the changing needs of the child as the years go by. Many manufacturers ensure that certain items of furniture can be modified to grow along with the child. Chairs and tables for children and teenagers can be adjusted in height and beds can be extended. That makes it possible to use them for a long time and promotes ergonomic design of the child’s room. Cleverly designed furniture items ensure that there is plenty of storage space in the room so clothes, toys and schoolbooks can be put away tidily. Children can decorate their rooms according to their taste and interests in a range of colours and with images of youthful motifs from fashion and sport. A choice of complete children’s room furnishings allows for that as much as do individual items of furniture and accessories. Numerous decorative elements and accessories such as lamps, cushions, throws, wall stickers and pictures enable them to express their personality.

Designing children’s rooms without harmful substances

Designers and manufacturers make a point of good design for children’s rooms and set great store by the materials used and by sturdy construction. Babies, children and teenagers spend a good deal of time in their room. Furniture and accessories have to be resilient and able to withstand daily use. In production, care is also taken to ensure that furnishings for children’s room meet high environmental standards. Natural materials are increasingly important in the manufacture of toys, hence the trend to wooden toys. If that has whetted your appetite or if you are looking for a new children’s room, then take a look at the large online offering on Red Dot 21. The best solutions for children’s rooms that have been selected by an international jury of experts at the Red Dot Award: Product Design are marked accordingly, as are those that can be purchased online via a partner link.