Children’s car seats

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Safe and comfortable children’s car seats and baby carriers

Children’s seats, baby carriers and car seats with excellent design that keep your babies and toddlers safe are presented here on Red Dot 21. Their carefully thought-out design not only satisfies the highest safety requirements for the well-being of the child, but also caters for the youngsters’ comfort as well as that of the parents. That makes them stand out from the mass of similar products. The selection of baby seats in baby product retail outlets and specialist online shops is huge. In addition to the wide selection of designs and colours, it is worth getting to grips with the seats as manufacturers use the latest materials and functions to optimise product design.

Modern children’s car seats for more safety in the car

Thanks to high quality plastics and a robust construction, modern children’s car seat offer children optimal safety in the car from infancy right up to school age. The ergonomic shape of the seat ensures they are comfortable and keeps their heads and spines in the best possible position, regardless of whether the children are awake or asleep. Matching accessories for the car seat, such as a travel tray table and toys for the road will make the journey pass more quickly for both children and parents. The use of breathable fabrics for the seat cover offer even the smallest passengers a comfortable seat on long drives. In addition to assuring the safety of the child, parents are delighted that manufacturers are developing solutions that also benefit them. Baby carriers and children’s car seats are becoming ever lighter and can be installed on the back seat of the car without the need for much technical know-how. The major contributing factor has been the introduction of quick to install fixtures that create a rigid connection between the car seat and the body of the car. Nonetheless, every child car seat should be tested and checked for authorised use with the respective vehicle.

Decide on car seat shape, colour and cover to suit your own taste

Individual product parts such as the seat cover and plastic shell can easily be adapted to personal taste by choosing colours and patterns that match individual living environments. And if children are allowed to choose for themselves, then there is no reason not to have a car seat in their favourite colour. Many manufacturers offer matching accessories for their car seats thereby increasing the functionality of the product. They include replacement and summer seat covers, as well as sun and rain protection. A wheeled chassis can turn the car seat into a small, flexible buggy making quick and simple transport in urban areas easy. That can be a big bonus when using the bus or train. Another added benefit of many baby carriers is that they can also be used as a baby swing. If that has aroused your interest or if you are looking for a new children’s car seat, then take a look at the wide range on offer online at Red Dot 21. The children’s car seats and baby carriers that have been selected for their design qualities and functionality by the international jury of experts in the Red Dot Award: Product Design competition, are marked accordingly, as are those products that are available to buy online via one of our partner links.