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Stylish clothes for both Men and Women

Whether you are looking for dresses, trousers, jackets, underwear or shoes, in this Red Dot 21 category you will find clothing with that certain je ne sais quoi, with style and function. Many of the items of clothing that we have included were selected by fashion designers and other design experts and have won a Red Dot Design Award. In no other industry are individual designers as well known as in fashion design. And in no other product category does good design matter as much. What we wear has a considerable bearing on how we appear to the outside world, but it also influences how we feel about ourselves to a large degree. Whether our clothes are fashionable, in other words whether they correspond to the current Zeitgeist, is actually only a small consideration. Primarily, fashion ensures that we feel the need to keep buying new apparel or shoes despite an already well-stocked wardrobe, just because certain colours, patterns or cuts are currently in vogue. Or fashion allows us to make a statement, as time and again fashion trends evolve that are of social relevance because they capture the prevailing mood in a town, a country or among a certain group of people.

Innovative clothing is more than just fashionable

On Red Dot 21, we present particularly innovative fashion and clothing with a high design standard, some of which you can buy online via our partners. All the items have been selected for more than just their fashion features. When the jurors of the Red Dot Design Award assess and evaluate the submissions in the “Fashion, Lifestyle and Accessories” category every year, the fashion aspect only plays a minor role. More is at stake when judging the design quality of clothing. The focus is on the materials used, the workmanship, the fit, the environmental compatibility and the sustainability of an article of apparel. In recent years, another important criterion has been added: the use of innovative technologies or materials that enhance the functionality of a piece of clothing. Take for example the elegant coat of a business woman, the fine, smooth surface of which conceals an innovative down lining that does not add bulk, but still provides warmth. Many such innovations can also be found in the underwear section. Over the last few years, for example, numerous bras have won awards, as their use of new materials and processing technology results in a particularly good fit. Just take a look for yourself. On Red Dot 21 you will always find highly recommended new clothes in jackets, dresses, shoes, underwear and other sections. They are articles of clothing that have already persuaded our expert jury of their quality. To help you identify them, they are marked with a Red Dot.