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Welcome to Red Dot 21 – your design portal

Red Dot 21 is the online portal for excellent 21st-century design. We have created the design portal to enable people interested in design quickly to find out about design products, trends and the latest developments in the design sector. Red Dot 21 presents outstanding design products and work from the fields of product and communication design while the magazine section offers readers entertaining and informative articles. In a word, Red Dot 21 examines design from all angles.

The design portal for companies and design aficionados

Red Dot 21 is an appealing, multipurpose design portal for customers and companies alike that provides them with plenty of information. As a design-oriented company, you can present yourself and your products on Red Dot 21, regardless of whether you are a manufacturer, designer, design studio or publisher, and be featured in a company profile. You choose which presentation of products, texts and images appear online on Red Dot 21. This is your chance to inform and tempt our design-savvy readers with detailed product descriptions and high-quality images; so it is worth taking the time to prepare an attractive presentation. If time is just what you do not have, or if you need some help with ideas, Red Dot 21 can offer you a comprehensive service to ensure that you reach and convince our design-focused readership. What is more, your presence on Red Dot 21 means that you can direct them to your online shop or your company-own landing page where they may also find other products linked to the one on Red Dot 21 or your own campaign related to what they are looking for. You have the advantage of full control over where you lead potential new customers.

If you would like to become a member of our design community, you can find comprehensive information in the “Our Offer” section where you can also review the details of Membership & prices.

As a visitor to Red Dot 21, you can expect to find informative company histories as well as designer portraits with plenty of background information and at the same time browse through thousands of design products and latest developments in product and communication design. When you have identified your favourite products, you can obtain more information from the manufacturer or us.

What is new at Red Dot 21?

Since May 2017, Red Dot 21 has a new look. The modern, user-friendly layout with many new functions fits our philosophy of offering everyone who is interested in design from amateur to professional a comprehensive design portal that covers a wide range of design topics. Since its inception, Red Dot 21 has focused on modern design products whose presentation has now taken on a shop-like look as part of the redesign. Another new feature is a function which allows users to add a product to their favourites list, so they can recall and share it with friends on social media.

A magazine for the design world

In addition to the redesigning of the website, Red Dot 21 now offers a magazine section which covers various subjects related to the world of design. In it, we report on fashionable Design & lifestyle trends, present seasonal, popular trend products, report on current events and provide comprehensive background details on the products presented. We also publish entertaining interviews, relate personal stories and pass on tips from designers and companies about interesting design locations worldwide. In addition, we include regular updates on which design-oriented exhibitions, trade fairs and other events are taking place where and when, and give you an overview of the topics that are on our editorial calendar for the current year so that you, as a designer enthusiast really should not miss.

The history of Red Dot 21

The Red Dot 21 website and its appendix “World of Design” went online in 2012 as a multi-purpose online medium for brands, innovations and designers. The idea to offer an online platform for excellent design products arose from the annual design competition, the Red Dot Award.

The Red Dot Award is bestowed every year on outstanding innovations from the fields of product and communication design that display excellent design and a high degree of functionality. It is an internationally recognised and coveted seal of quality and a distinction that stands for high design quality and is awarded by an international jury.

Due to the large number of products and projects that gain awards every year, the platform quickly grew. As time went by, the number of participants in the Red Dot Awards rose and it soon became apparent that companies had more innovative and well-designed products in their portfolio than were submitted to the competition. Frequently, only individual second generation products from a large range found their way into the design competition. Red Dot 21 became the way to resolve this dilemma and developed into a platform that could display the entire spectrum of a manufacturer’s product palette, independent of the award. Since then, Red Dot 21 has grown into a gathering point for products of high design quality that offer outstanding features, thereby giving every product the chance to present itself to a target group interested in design.

Red Dot 21: the platform for companies and designers

At the start, the focus of Red Dot 21 was not only on presenting outstanding design products but also lay on enabling companies to network. Among other things, Red Dot 21 was set up to function as a networking tool for designers, manufacturers and design studios, to give them a new space for discussions and to offer companies the option of possible cooperation. With many products, renowned companies and leading designers, the online portal of the time began as a focal point for good design, which offered design professionals both an overview of the latest developments within the industry and the chance to network. At the time, website visitors were only able to contact companies directly with questions about their products. The possibility of ordering the products was not yet available.

Red Dot 21: the interface for up-and-coming talented designers

From the very beginning, Red Dot 21 has supported the idea of giving up-and-coming designers the chance to use their work to attract the attention of potential employers, regardless of whether or not they had participated in the competition. To this day, young designers use Red Dot 21 as a first stopping point to find information on future-oriented work and developments in product and communication design. Red Dot 21 continues to offer young designers and established professionals alike a portal to present themselves to a design-oriented target group.

Design products for every aspect of life and work

To date, over 20,000 products and projects have found a place on Red Dot 21. They cover the widest possible aspects of life, both private and business. To get an overview of the extent of Red Dot 21’s offering, you can use the navigator “Products & Projects” to find the product category you are looking for and too browse through it. What is more, thanks to a new function on Red Dot 21, most design products can now be ordered directly from the online shop of our partners or directly from the manufacturer’s shop.

We hope you will enjoy browsing, reading and discovering on Red Dot 21.

A small note on language
Some of the texts and information included on Red Dot 21 are to date only available in English. That is due to the fact that all our activities take place at an international level and English is, to some extent, the lingua franca. We are however working to ensure that all texts will gradually be made available in German and later also in other languages.