Red Dot Design App

Experience the whole world of design wherever you want

The Red Dot Design App allows anyone to experience the world of design wherever and whenever they want. Over 3,400 award-winning design products, ground-breaking design concepts and communication design projects are showcased together with photos and descriptions.

In addition, the app includes insider tips on art and design museums, restaurants and hotels in towns and cities worldwide. It also includes the “Red Dot Maps” and “Red Dot Maps-Selection” functions which offer real added value to anyone using the app while travelling as they can, for example, show nearby design locations. That makes the app not only a digital research tool packed with a stunning array of images, but also a source of inspiration for exploring the physical design world.

Gain a quick overview of the sector for product searches

The Red Dot Design App presents award-winning design products and projects that have received a distinction in the Red Dot Design Award competition for the excellence of their design quality. Every year, the design experts of the competition jury make an important pre-selection that ensures app users will only see products that meet the highest design standards.

Products are displayed in image galleries by category to offer users a quick overview. When scrolling through, they get a good idea of the state-of-the-art in each sector. If a product looks interesting, further information becomes available by touching the image. Keyword searches are also available while favourites can simply be marked and stored using the bookmark function. Saved bookmarks are accessed via the “My Red Dot Design App” menu option.

Red Dot Maps – explore the real world of design

The “Red Dot Maps” and “Red Dot Maps-Selection” functions are particular highlights of the app. They enable users to explore the physical design world. The Red Dot Maps contain over 25,000 tips on design museums, design-related trade fairs and events as well as showrooms for renowned brands and design shops, where one can buy Red Dot awarded products. With the help of this functions, users can find out what places of design interest are nearby or what local design events are currently taking place, regardless of where they are in the world. Independent of their location, users can also zoom in on a town or city to see local design spots.

The “Red Dot Maps” function shows locations on a map in an easily visible way. In contrast, the “Red Dot Maps-Selection” function displays major design locations in the form of a list, marking them with self-explanatory symbols. In this way, users get a quick overview of the total number of tips. By clicking on them, they are once more displayed on the map.

The Red Dot Maps also include so-called “Designer Routes”. These routes contain insider tips from contemporary well-known designers. They share their personal recommendations for favourite towns and cities with information on things to see, design shops, hotels and restaurants as well as bars and clubs. The tips can be filtered to match the time of day when app users wish to explore the town. Interesting locations may also be saved and personal routes put together and shared with friends.

The Red Dot Design App for Apple and Android devices is free of charge and can be downloaded here:

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