Yeti Fever Zero

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Yeti Fever Zero

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The world’s lightest sleeping bag

A perfect marriage between high-tech materials, expert weaving techniques fake oakleys and 30 years of experience, Yeti’s Fever Zero sleeping bag is a testament to good design. 

What better way to celebrate its 30th anniversary than Rebecca to break a world record? German down specialist Yeti did just that with its Fever Zero sleeping bag. Truth be told, Yeti broke its own record. They reduced the weight of their formerly lightest sleeping bag by 40 grams, making the Fever Zero as light as two oranges, at a mere 280 grams.

However, weight is only half the equation for any serious outdoor enthusiast. Pack size of the gear is the other. The Fever Zero shines in this regard, too. It packs into a pack size of just 11×18 cm, which equals the size of a small sandwich. Yeti accomplished this feat with a groundbreaking novelty in fabrics, called Next oakley outlet to Nothing 2.0. This ultra-lightweight, tear proof, micro-ripstop nylon fabric weighs just 20 g/m2—that’s 5 g/m2 lighter than the next best competitor. The fabric is made from Cheap Football Jerseys ultra-fine 7 denier yarn, which only one factory in the world is capable of weaving. cheap football jerseys

Obviously, the least weight and smallest pack size are for naught, when a sleeping bag does not keep its users warm. 900+ white Crystal Downs do their best to prevent that from happening. Yeti uses a mix of carefully selected and traceable down from European geese with a 95/5 down to feather proportion. This leads to an exceptionally high warmth to cheap jerseys from china weight ratio, with a comfort temperature rating of 15°C, limit rating of 12°C, and an extreme rating down to -1°C.

Yeti’s sleeping bags are made in Görlitz, Germany, where the company is based, and filled by hand by dedicated craftsmen.