Datsun is the third brand for the Nissan Motor Corporation along with the company's Nissan and Infiniti brands. Designed in Japan, engineered locally, the Datsun GO is the first of several Datsun models that were launched later in 2014 in Indonesia, Russia and South Africa targeting aspirational first time new car buyers to fulfill their dreams and ambitions for a better tomorrow. In the vehicle front end is the confident “D-Cut Grille” that incorporates the central Datsun brand logo, which is the most iconic design aspect of Datsun. The view from the side is marked by the unconstrained shoulder line that runs from the front fender through to the rear end, and the dynamic movement of the surface that starts from the lower part of the front door and flows up to the rear fender, both of which altogether lend the GO an active and robust appeal. The inside of the GO has been designed to offer a modern and comfortable space. While the gentle sweep from the center panel to the door side with 3-dimensional rich sections offers a feeling of spaciousness, the black colored central part of it emphasizes functionality by integrating the major control devices.

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