URSA EVF is a professional electronic viewfinder designed specifically for Blackmagic cinema cameras. With an ultra-sharp full HD OLED display, its crystal clear images are indistinguishable from optical systems costing over $8000. For just $1500 it unlocks levels of focus control and framing previously inaccessible to the independent filmmaker or grass roots broadcaster. Paired with precision glass optics, the OLED display is so sharp it is virtually impossible to see individual pixels. Such clarity of detail is vital in high pressure shoots where accurate focus and framing are essential for professional results. A fraction of the size of traditional optical systems, the OLED display ensures an ultra-compact, lightweight design for comfort and balance on sustained shooting sessions. Led by exhaustive anthropometric study, the URSA EVF is flexible enough to cope with wide physical variation in a diverse user base. Fine diopter tuning compensates for eyesight, while multi-axis lineal adjustment and angular rotation allows comfortable left or right eye viewing. Smart sensors detect when the EVF is inactive, shutting down to prolong battery life.

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