About Red Dot 21

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About Red Dot 21

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Welcome to Red Dot 21

Red Dot 21 represents the world of design in the widest-reach interactive Red Dot medium for brands, innovations and cheap football jerseys their makers. Renowned global players as well as up-and-coming companies and designers present themselves, their design expertise, and their latest ideas. Spanning over the fields of industrial design and visual design, the platform also includes groundbreaking design concepts.

Currently highlighting some 10,000 innovative products, 4,000 global design brands, and more than 2,000 leading designers, Red Dot 21 is the focal point of cheap jordan contemporary design. The best in their fields, world-famous brands and

design legends leave their mark in this exclusive selection of innovations. They promote their design achievements, communicate with fellow designers directly on the platform, and recruit promising talents. Journalists and design enthusiasts make use of this rich research tool which offers detailed information on the latest achievements worldwide as well as where to purchase them. They track their spheres of interest on the platform, receive instant updates, and create their own Red Dot 21 experience.

Why you should be here

Red Dot 21 guarantees access to a large design-interested target audience. Our users are well-educated, put a heavy emphasis on culture and design and are well networked. Consumers as well as planners and purchasing managers gather their information on Red Dot 21 and find direct purchasing options. Your brand and your designs get exposure and are elevated, as you Home become part of the Red Dot World of Design—after all Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business! Highlight cheap jerseys your design achievements, including your destinations in all major design competitions. Use this exceptional environment and draw attention to your entire portfolio.

But the platform is more than a promotion tool. Red Dot 21 presents thousands of brands, design studios and designers from around the globe, as well as aspiring new talent. You get insights into local markets and their design thinking. As a Red Dot 21 member, you can contact every brand, studio, and designer directly. You get access to a large network, comprising of the international design elite, plus first hand recruiting options for up-and-coming designers.

Memberships tailored for you

Becoming part of Red Dot 21 is free-of-charge. Register your company or designer profile and present yourself and one of your products in the widest-reach interactive Red Dot medium of contemporary design.Opting for a Membership is the ideal way to maximise your presence on Red Dot 21. As a Red Dot 21 Member you do not face restrictions on the amount of products and designers you can create on the platform. Members also get highlighted in many ways: Multiple high-res images, uploads of extra material such as fact sheets and videos, and full access to the Red Dot 21 networking tool.

Do you want even more exposure? Leave your mark on Red Dot 21 and become a Premium Member. Your company profile, your products and your designers will be highlighted on every page. Your exceptional design achievements get extra limelight and draw even more attention to your company, your team and your remarkable work. As a Premium Member you get featured on the Red Dot 21 homepage, which guarantees maximum exposure. We will also wholesale jerseys promote your work in an advertorial, which will be placed prominently in our news area.

Furthermore, Red Dot 21 offers dedicated accounts for design students: Present your inspiring concepts and draw the world’s strongest design brands’ attention. It is free-of-charge for students.


Not a design professional?

Red Dot 21 is also open to design enthusiasts, journalist, project planners and purchasing managers.
You can sign up for a free Consumer Account and get all the latest information on your sphere of interest. Track your favourite brands and designers and stay up-to-date!

Red Dot 21 – Welcome to the World of Design!

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