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Featured Products


QuickStand Lite™


Speedmax CF SLX

Varioline (Special Edition)

There’s hardly anything as relaxing and mood-lifting as having a sauna. Saunalux’s Varioline sauna cabin represents a convincing expression of the maxim of relaxation and closeness to nature. Smart design solutions, such as the wooden-heated sauna stove, which can be rotated through 360 degrees, convey to sauna enthusiasts the sensations of peace and inner balance.

Bette Art

But not everyone is a sauna enthusiast. Luckily, there are amazing bathtubs that rightfully bear the attribute wellness oasis. Bette’s BetteArt tub is just that. Looking as if it were made from a single piece of material with an extremely narrow rim, the freestanding tub has a sculptural character, creates a light impression, and is spacious and space-forming in equal measure.

Elan Amphibio 16 TI2 Fusion

Relaxation is but merely one way to raise one’s mood. Some prefer to take advantage of one of winter’s best qualities—snow. Elan’s Elan Amphibio 16 Ti2 Fusion are versatile ski which will be easy and quick, and assure outstanding all mountain characteristics such as stability and precision.

Vita Juicer by Novis

Besides relaxation and winter sports activities, eating fruits is a great way to stay healthy and in good mood this time of the year. Those of you who are not too keen on eating fruits should try to juice them. The Vita Juicer by Novis is the ideal tool for you.

Blatt Art

But in all honesty we really crave for spring. That’s why we rejoice over Blatt-Art by Johanna Otto. The individual two-dimensional elements are put together to form a three-dimensional body, giving the piece of jewellery its unique floral character.

We're proud to announce weather app v1.0 is out and ready to download. Grab a copy and never be unprepared for the weather again!

1more Chat Bear

Being away from one’s child is tough. Why bring it up in an article about good mood? Because technology such as the 1More Chat Bear is here to help. It looks like a toy but it is much more. Via integrated microphones and speakers, parents can speak to their children remotely from anywhere. It’s almost as good as being there oneself.


Usability is more on the fun side of things. This packaging design combines the pleasure of a cup of tea with a charming promotional idea. Each flexibly printable paper tea holder can be fixed to the edge of a teacup such that it is clearly visible. Great space for promotional messages that will be remembered.

Keep In Touch

GeoWolf brings new possibilities
for staying connected with friends.

Hue Go

One reason, why winter is so hard on many people is the lack of sunlight. This is why good lighting is important. Philips’ Hue range lets you adjust each bulb separately, to match the right temperature. Hue is also compatible to Philips’ ambilight technology, so that the bulbs fill your room with colors that fit what's on TV.

The New Amazing Nectar Page Builder


Speaking TV, entertainment is most definitely a reason for good mood. Whether you’re into series or movies, Sony’s LSPX-W1S 4K ultra-short-throw projector that casts a larger-than-life. It transforms your living room into a cinema and casts a large smile on your face.

Sky X-Mas Campaign

As does this ingenious TV commercial campaign by German pay-TV provider SKY. Check the video in the media box on the presentation page.

Beautiful & Robust

Loaded with exclusive and beautiful features, Salient allows you to build a website that will have your visitors drooling from the moment they enter.

Lindt Diva

While you enjoy the advert, have some chocolate. If you do not feel good after you’ve had some Lindt Diva, we can’t help you…

It’s illegal

…or maybe we recommend something else. As the name on the ingenious packaging of this beverage says, "IT'S ILLEGAL TO SAY THE NAME OF THIS PRODUCT.“ What’s underneath the wrapping is most certainly a treat that will lift your spirits.

Chaos auf Deponia

It’s not only food or hardware that can be a godsend when spirits are low. Great games can cheer you up, too. Chaos on Deponia is exactly that. A smart point-and-click adventure in the vain of cult-classics such as the legendary Monkey Island series, the game by Daedelic Entertainment will leave you rolling on the floor laughing, thanks to its off-beat humour.

Harman Kardon Audio System

Speaking of beat, music is another thing that is comforting and highly entertaining. The Harman Kardon Wireless HD Audio System turns your home into a multi-room audio experience zone. Sleek design, small dimensions and crystal-clear sound give this speaker system a feel-good guarantee.

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In The Heart Of New York City

Ultimate Ears Megaboom

As does Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Megaboom—a wireless bluetooth speaker that goes beyond portability. The speaker is covered in a life proof acoustic skin designed to acquire beautiful patina that is unique to each user. And if patina is not for you, the waterproof speaker can easily be kept immaculate with a rinse under the faucet.

Phiaton Chord MS 530

The final musical entry on this list is ideal for those of you, who like their music personal. Phiaton Chord MS 530 headphones are all music and no wires, delivering studio-grade immersive experience with a dual-chamber structure and multi-tune acoustic design that offers high-end performance and sound quality for true audiophiles and traveler-friendly users.

Qlocktwo W

While the entry before did away with wires, the Qlocktwo W by Beget & Funk does away with a traditional clock-face and hands. The square dial of the watch features a uniform grid of 110 letters. When the stainless-steel button is pressed, words light up on the display giving the current time.

This is Red Dot 21


Smartphones are a commodity. We rely heavily on them and constantly fear that their batteries die. That’S where the Suncharger comes in handy. It generates energy on the spot for mobile devices like mobile telephones, cameras, GPS devices and MP3 players, and can be used as a power supply, a replacement battery or a mobile solar charger.

BRP Can-Am Spyder F3

Speed is something that is most certainly fun inducing for a lot of people. The open Can-Am Spyder F3 by BRP with its low and aggressive stance is built around an architecture that allows optimal performance and unsurpassed ergonomic comfort. The cruiser defines joyride.

Mercedes AMG GT

Those who like a closed vehicle will find Mercedes’ AMG GT to be just the right fun car for them. Whether you buy it or lease it for day, you will notice its breathtaking proportions, powerfully sculpted surfaces and flowing lines, as well as feel its sheer power. Not only car enthusiasts will enjoy their ride.


If none of these raised your mood, you might be up for a vacation. Grab Samsonite’s aptly named R21 smart and urban carrier and explore the world.

“Design is not just how it looks or works, it’s about why it is there. Therefore, creative design thinking is the strongest catalyst for innovation.”

VanBerlo, design agency